major OMG !

yeah ! i love DELS course ! its a major OMG when we will have an annual dinner plus prom night ? ouh shit ! but why they dun tell us earlier ?

we dun noe what to wear act .of course we need 2 find a nice dress ! n guess what the theme of the prom ? GLAM on the RED CARPET ! i dun really like the theme act .1st we’ve vote fer GOTH ! n majority vote it .but in the last minute , our senior change it to RED CARPET ! duhh ! but , i’ll try 2 find the best dress ! but it have to close our ‘aurat’ XD

n we will find out who will b prom king n prom queen .i bet eleena will b prom queen XD i guess so ! n i have to find nice wedges , nice begs ! n also i have to find my new lens ! n i dun want AHMAD DANIAL MAULA MOHD RAZMAN 2 be a prom king ! that’s all .i hate him !

i want a black long dress now ! and anep will makeup me properly XD rite hunn ? hee XD love u anep ! u brightens my day ❤ where 2 find lens 😦 huhu -.- so sad ! huh !

k , gudluck fer all DELS student ! n WELCOME FOR DELS STUDENT SEMESTER 1 ! haha !


xoxo – fatiha 😛


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