luahan hati semasa cuty :D

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12 / 11 / 2010


At 10p.m I arrive at home : welcome HOME ! sigh .so boring ! seriously , I’d rather stay in KUIS from HOME ! so boring at home ! btw , i sleep at 1a.m ! so what ?! I cant sleep at all ! I really miss anep fer sure πŸ˜‰ he so sweet πŸ˜‰ he just like my BF but were not declare it yet ! HAHA ! I have feeling on him n he also have the same feeling wif me πŸ˜‰ really bored ! dun noe what 2 do ryte now ;[[[[[[ for 1week I didn’t facebooking , blogging , twittering , formspring and tagging πŸ˜€ wah ! so killer boring lhaa !

I plan 2 buy the warcraft CD [ it’s a game lol XD ] n also im planning to sign up mxs broadband for RM48 per month ! it uke by that XD and also I’ve planned to cut my hair [ only on the front XD ] and I really miss my lil bro FIRMAN ! that lil boy so sweet :’) really sad that he went to INDONESIA already 


HAHA ! CAMPBELL’s beg ! so cute πŸ™‚



Ahaha ! BUKIT BINTANG wait fer me ! I’ll come with anep  n also I miss my lil bro AWIE .he already pass away πŸ˜₯ SO SAD !





13 / 11 / 2010 [ HAPPY NIGHT ]


At night , I txt wif ma cute lil kitty anep^^ πŸ˜€ so , here my story begin XD : I said wif him that im depressed .he ask me to tell him why im depressed .and I tell him BLABLABLA .HAHA ! then he started to advised me .and im said im β€˜ kurang kasih sayang β€˜ and he said dun talk like a bulshit ! why not try to find Γ©m ? n I said I already try to find it but it does not exist !

And after we txt for BLABLA hour [ I dun noe XD ] , suddenly I tell him that I’ve found the β€˜kasih sayang β€˜ HAHA XD n he ask me to share wif him πŸ˜‰ so , I tell him that THINGS is at him  and he reply wif a cute smiley face πŸ˜‰ and I said that he already noe bout that n why didn’t he tell me ? and he said he just wanna me try to find out .but why that THINGS at him ? he dun noe .

I said that I love him more than a FREN πŸ˜€ n I treat him more than frens .he also said that he treat me like his GF n he love me more than a FREN  aww~ I like that πŸ˜€ BUT , we didn’t want to coupling SHIT because when we couple , there must be such a FIGHTΒ² things n we LOST CONTACT ! no ! I don want this SHITTY things happen to me  that like a BULSHIT u noe !

But u noe what , although is anep is like a HELL BOY , I still lurf him 










HAHA ! like this ;))))

Xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜€



14 / 11 / 2010

Uke .really miss anep ^^ .tp 1ary ni ta txt anep langsung ;( mane tah die g . g gig sampai lupe an aku :C well btw , DAUS [ syariah ] ; aku sian sanadsand at die .lps die cte pasal die n fmly die mang aku cdey :c aku bwu tau yg die duk nan fmly agkt die .die ta pnh tau sape parents kandung die :C tp parents agkt die ni agak ta berhaty perut gak ah ! celake nyer owg tue ! die kne tdo at stor nan bumbung die bocor :C da ah skang tgh musem ujan at melake nih .hbs tilam die basah :C die kne tdo atas kotak .n die cakap die na stop stdy at KUIS cz die tade duet na baya yuran :C cdey sanad !

Aku ckp nan die yg die ley report at uma kebajikan ue yg parents agkt die layan die mcm owg gaji ! die degil n die takot parents agkt die sesah die .ape susa .lao dowg pukul die , die ley report polis ! owg tue ue mang kne aja cket .err , bukan cket laa .byk gak ! sampai duet mkn pun kne cari sendiri .ta gune nye owg tue ! watpe amek budak 2 lao stakat na sekse die je ! huh ! owg cm2 ta patot idop !


kemarahan tahap gaban !

aku doa kan yg owg tue ue akn dapat balasan satu ary nnt ! n aku doa kan DAUS ley thn dugaan ni :C aku nak tolong die tapy diri aku sendiri pun ta tertolong πŸ˜€

DAUS ; harap daus saba kayh .pape hal cte je at teha :C teha selalu ade utk daus share prob daus :C

Xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜€



15 / 11 / 2010

Ape yg jd hary ni ? well , tade pe yg jady sebeno nye πŸ˜‰ and , as usual im texting with anep πŸ˜€ were txt for 24hr πŸ™‚ ahaha^^ yesterday , he went to gig and as usual he do sumthing that call MOSH :> HAHA ! what do I care ! every day I miss him lol πŸ˜€ dun noe why ;D and tomorrow , I’ll go to JASIN to renew my ugly IC πŸ˜€ then I’ll go to MERLIMAU to sign up MXS BROADBAND and lastly I’ll go cut my hair :DDD

My mom said if I want to cut it short ? duhh ! if I cut it short , mama , ayah , atok and also anep will mad at me .because they dun like a girl with a short hair πŸ˜€ love u anep ! muahx :PPP and at night , SUDDENLY ! DAUZ txt me [ so weird act ] he talking SHIT to me BLABLA .n i said bout his AHMOYY [ ppfftt ] and he said he break up with AHMOYY [ why I hate this name ] so , I lil bit SHOCKED .

And this Saturday, I’ll go to JASIN again at KOLAM AIR PANAS . I will enjoy with my cute lil fren KECHIK :DD uke . so happy maa ! about the coupling shit between me and anep , we make a decision that we dun want to coupling shit because when we become a couple , there must be sumone who jealous with us . and there must have a lil shitty fight ! and suddenly there must be a lost contact . we dun want that shitty things happen to us :DDDDDDDD anep , I miss u a lot πŸ˜€

Ohoho^^ that a long story that I wrote πŸ˜› miss a moment when I have to write an essay when im in school πŸ˜€ so sweet ! I love writing an essay especially in ENGLISH ! that’s why im taking course ENGLISH LANGUAGE STUDIES πŸ˜€ dad , I want to buy a contact lenses ! the black one please :CCC HAHA ! and I want to overnight at my frens house at PETALING JAYA ! miss u dear^^ muahxmuahx πŸ™‚

So , that’s all I wanna share to you ! have a nice dream  tata then πŸ˜€

P/S ; DAUS , ur love is only for aien .not for me :’)


Xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜€


16 / 11 / 2010

Oi ! ary ni cancel dowh na potong rmbot ! celakess bhai ! tbe2 anep lak yg potong rmbot .pe cerr ! haha .anep ! npe u ptong rmbot u ! huhu .nsib bek u potong mcm oli πŸ˜› haha ! TETAPI ; daus [ syariah ] telah keluar dary uma yg ta gune ue .BRAVO ! tp cian lak at die .die na dok atne :C huhu T.T saba yer daus πŸ˜₯ tumpang lhaa uma kawan sesape dlu .teha doa an daus selamat .AMIN !

Btw , aku tatao lg na balik KUIS ble an .Saturday or Sunday ? hmm . suddenly ! anep tbe2 tengking2 aku ble aku cakap aku webcam ??? die pk aku webcam nan sape agk nye .ps2 mara aku , aku beromen at webcam ??? ouh , tidaa ! anep , I ta wat cam2 kayh 😦 die cakap die juz jeles lao aku webcam nan owg len .hehe .so sweet ! tp agak ah lao na tengking aku pon ! huh !

Da tatao ape na wat skang ni ! tah ble tah aku na g ptng rmbot :C lemb doe ! lao aku balik ary sabtu , aku leyh overnight at uma mbe aku πŸ˜€ gurl kayh ! jgn salah paham πŸ˜€ tlinge aku da jd pekak cket disebabkan aku asik sumbat earphone at tlinge aku n bukak volume sampai 14 [ volume hbs ue ] HAHA ! engad na melepak at mahkote nan dataran .lagy2 at padang dataran ue .haha ! begolek2 at ctu pon best gak uh .HAHA ! tade keje bhai !

Woi ! bosan laa bhai ! HAHA ! aku ley maty kebosanan at cni .stakat raye haji 2hary pun na keco .ape arh ! naseb baek aku ta ekot atok aku g JB .lao ta , aku terpakse laa jumpe kazen aku yg BAJET !!!! eeerrggghhh ! benchi nye aku bhai ! lao ekot an aty mang aku maki2 je dowg plus aku akn tampa dowg puas2 .HOHO ! tp seb baek mak bapak atok nenek pacek macek n sume2 lhaa ade at ctu .HAHA ! BUDAK JB BAJET BHAI ! GEDIK NA MATY ! BAJET HAWT PLUS BAJET MACHO ! MCM SIAL LAA WEYH ! BUTOH AH !

Baeklah , Setelah puas memaki hamun ,saya terasa saya lapar .HAHA ! skema doe ayat ! dah ah ! aku na g makan ! chow !

Xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜€






17 / 11 / 2010



AHAHA ! miss u lot maa :> HAHA ! 24hr he col me πŸ˜€ so happy ;DDDDDD btw , SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA πŸ˜€ haha ! I ate β€˜sup tulang’ this evening πŸ˜€ so yummy :p anep ! seyesly I love u lhaa sayangs .dun noe what u do to me till I cant forget u ! miss u so badly lil kitty ;C but I noe , I cant be ur’s ;((((((( COUNT UR FUCKING BLESSINGS ! haha ! stay at my granny home is totally BORED ! I’ve got to look my cousin that is really really STUBBORN ! I wish I can slap him n give him some flyin’ kick :DDDDD

Btw , my dad give me a chance to went back to Selangor by train .BUT , my mom dun give me went back by train ;( ouh shitty shit ! I hate that ! I’ll cut my hair tomorrow ;DDD how bout this hair cut ?


HAHA ! so cute u noe πŸ˜€

Xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜€

18 / 11 / 2010

HAHA ! so , I’ve cut my hair already !


my new hair

it’s a lil bit ugly ryte ? HAHA ! I said to dat ahmoy , I want cut it layer .really thin layer .but she said that my hair was curly because , I tied my hair .duhh ! opkos ah I tied my hair because I’m wearing tudung .and she said if I rebonding my hair , I’ll see the thin layer .okayh , fine ! I give up ! MYB one day I’ll rebonding my hair .HAHA ! craze enough lhaa .my free-hair pixcha is juz fer BLOG unly okayh guys .FB ? noway !

so , as usual .at nite I txt wif pikachu^^ .and , I’ve no idea why I dun want to lose him ? so , I’ll just do sumthng else that it never happens .dun noe why I really love my Pikachu fer sure .but I dun noe if he have the same feeling at me or not .i dun noe whether he truly love me or not .boy , they’re all same [ nape mlm ni aku semacam je nih ] HAHA ! giles bhai !

so , this nite I plan to do my assignment .BUT , I didn’t do it .HAHA ! I just do my Arabic homework .it’s so killer easy lhaa .just like kindergarden .sigh .hariz keep yelling at me .BLABLABLA ! can I kill him ? HAHA ! hate it ! so , a girl with a broken heart made some decision to sleep tight this nite .HAHA !


xoxo – fatiha ;D




19 / 11 / 2010

OHOHO ! miss my Pikachu laa giles ! huhu -.- killer bored lhaa bhai .nothing to do .but fer sure 2mrw I’ve go to KOLAM AIR PANAS -.- wif my bro n fren πŸ˜€ hope 2mrw will b my happiest day .sigh .


BORING ! blablabla .everyday play the same game .duhh ! cant wait this Sunday ! goodbye MALACCA ! see ya soon .HAHA ! nothing to do just webbie sahaja like an idiot people .so sad ! btw , last nite , I have some trouble wif my Pikachu .not a big prob just a lil prob .he said he love me but I dun noe whether its true or not πŸ˜€ and suddenly : when I’ve my bekfes , my mom yelling at me β€˜ dun u always drink the sweet drink ! β€˜ BLABLABLA ! I love sweet drink :DDDDD very much ! dun noe why !

Seyesly ! I killer bored right now ! huh ! what to do !!!! ok , the fees fer annual dinner is RM50 ! I just like β€˜ WHAT ! β€˜ ouh shit ! that is way too expensive ! uke , the fees is 50 .the dress that I want to buy is 40+ , the wedges is 40+ also .that is not added wif handbag n tudung .pffft ! RM50 ?! I’d rather go to midvalley n watch some muvee there .its worth also .


We , DELS 2nd semester are not a rich student .just an average .the fees is 50 ?! I dun think its cheap ! its way too β€˜cheap’ .why dun we make like BBQ .i think its alright with us .i noe u want the event has something like ENGLISH as we are ENGLISH LANGUAGE STUDIES student .eerrrghhh ! MISS MASITAH ! why u always agree with our senior QUEEN ? her thinking is too far away !

HAHA [ tunjuk perasaan ] I want to eat ryte now ! chow then

xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜€



20 / 11 / 2010

Pada hari ini , saya telah pergi ke KOLAM AIR PANAS , JASIN .pehh ! ayat skema bhai ! tyme at sane .tgh syokΒ² dok at pondok ue tgk adk aku n kawan plus awek die mandi , tibeΒ² ! HAHA ! 3jantan bersama 2betine datang nan kerex nyer [ errghh ! ] n pahamΒ² jela dowg free-hair [ rambut percuma ] HAHA ! aku pk an beso sanad lhaa dowg ue .tp tgk muke pown tao dlm form 1 or form 2 .

Tgh dok mandi , tbeΒ² sowg betine nih tnye awek adk aku . β€œ korunx ni grup BUDAK PANDAI ke ? β€œ wahΒ³ ! mulot tade tapis bhai ! aku pon dok at pondok balik , aku pandang je budak 5eko yg prasan mcm da beso sanad .then , awek adik aku nan kawan die nek atas , aku tnye dowg ue budak skola ke ?budak mane ? sekali bwu form2 daa .budak bemban gak .elehh ! mentangΒ² 2 tempat dowg .na tunjuk belang kunun .adek aku n frens da tunjuk butoh at budakΒ² 2 .HAHA ! [ aku lhaa yg mengajo ]

tbeΒ² dowg pandang aku mcm na cary gado .mulut aku pon da gatal .HAHA ! aku pon melepaskan segala yg terpendam .NGAHAHA πŸ˜€ aku cakap β€œ pandangΒ² ! pk aku takot ke ?! L*****T ! B*** ! C*****SS ! β€œ HAHA ! best bhai ! skali dowg trus senyap seketika [ SEKETIKA jela ] muke takot doe ! selagy tgn n kaky ta nek slagy tue aku ta puas aty ! HAHA !

well , as u all noe , tonight is SHOUT AWARD ! so , I’ve voted for BUNKFACE fer sure .n they nominated as BEST VIDEO MUSIC .n they win ! HAHA ! ily BUNKFACE ! [ xspecially SAM πŸ˜€ ] HAHA ! sam makin hensem lhaa ;D if BRING ME THE HORIZON n BVB nominated , I’ll choose BOTH πŸ˜€ really outrageous πŸ˜‰ tomorrow , I’ll went back to SELANGOR :DDDD WELCOME TO MY 2nd HOME πŸ˜€ HAHA ! cant wait to meet my PIKACHU  miss HIM πŸ˜€ so , I wanna sleep now ! TATA then πŸ˜€


xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜€








last day :D

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12 / 11 / 2010

ary ni last aku jmpe adek agkt aku FIRMANSYAH 😦 coz , sok die da gerak g endon ! sambung stdy at sane 😦

jap lg na jumpe die at mid πŸ˜€




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sejak bile suke BRING ME THE HORIZON ?

tidak tahu XD

ssejak bile suke BLACK VEIL BRIDES ?

tidak tahu juga ;D

eyt , ape yg kao kesa ?! sukahati aku ah na suke ape pon ! idop aku an ? BODOHBODOH je !

sejak bile pandai cakap camni ?

bia arh ! yang kao sebok pehal !

[ tgh tension ]

so , na dijadikan ceriter : malam td memang amadamad tension yang amad ! sampai an aku menghabiskan duet beli coklat ! tp aku menyesal beli coklat vochelle ue ! ta sedap langsong tahu ?! bek aku bli cadbury yang beso ue ! aku bli vochelle 3 .bli kitkat 2 .ahaha .5coklat aku makan .dgn bangge nyer aku melantak coklat malam td .tp still ta puas agy !


so , annual dinner ta lame lg πŸ™‚ hmm ,what 2 wear hah ? da jumpe dress yg na bli .tp tatao yg mne 1 sesuai πŸ™‚

ohhoho ! mne lg sesuai ? jgn pk aku pakai cmni je k .aku kne still tutup aurat ? ley pakai nan cardigan πŸ™‚ n aku na cari wedges lagy πŸ™‚ lantak ah korunk na pk ape ! aku tao aku da tinggi , tp ta bemakne aku pakai na lg tinggi k πŸ˜€


[ saket haty ]

so , moral of the story : balik raye haji t aku na shopping dress plus wedges plus handbag plus cardigan plus tudung πŸ™‚ SAPE NA IKOT ?! n anep ! mekap an i uke tucing chomell ❀ anep aka tucing chomell adalah orang yang sama .harapmaklum πŸ™‚



xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜‰

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from now on , SITI FATIHAH and ADAM is no longer together :’) because , that STUPID boy is break teha’s heart </3

IM FREE NOW ! so , dun u dare disturb my life anymore ! get it ?!

anep ! i really need u rite now 😦




major OMG !

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yeah ! i love DELS course ! its a major OMG when we will have an annual dinner plus prom night ? ouh shit ! but why they dun tell us earlier ?

we dun noe what to wear act .of course we need 2 find a nice dress ! n guess what the theme of the prom ? GLAM on the RED CARPET ! i dun really like the theme act .1st we’ve vote fer GOTH ! n majority vote it .but in the last minute , our senior change it to RED CARPET ! duhh ! but , i’ll try 2 find the best dress ! but it have to close our ‘aurat’ XD

n we will find out who will b prom king n prom queen .i bet eleena will b prom queen XD i guess so ! n i have to find nice wedges , nice begs ! n also i have to find my new lens ! n i dun want AHMAD DANIAL MAULA MOHD RAZMAN 2 be a prom king ! that’s all .i hate him !

i want a black long dress now ! and anep will makeup me properly XD rite hunn ? hee XD love u anep ! u brightens my day ❀ where 2 find lens 😦 huhu -.- so sad ! huh !

k , gudluck fer all DELS student ! n WELCOME FOR DELS STUDENT SEMESTER 1 ! haha !


xoxo – fatiha πŸ˜›

pray for plagues XD

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